Hawksworth Wood Primary School

Awards for the Choir

Choir members from Years 5 and 6 were awarded special certificates in assembly.  In December, they entertained travellers at Leeds City Station by singing Christmas songs and raised over £500 for Heart Research UK.  We were delighted to welcome Brian from the charity to present the awards to the children.

Friends Meeting: Friday 16th January 2015

The Friends of Hawksworth Wood – Minutes of the meeting held on Friday, 16th January 2015

Present: Donna Mohamed; Emma Smith; Karen Weston; Susan Marwood; Michelle Glover; Yvonne Wilson; Michelle Crooke; Vicky Kilbride; Julie Parr.

Apologies: Marie Gregson; Sarah Hall.

Finances: £2386.69 in the bank + £50 petty cash.
  • Xmas Raffle      -  £230.48
  • Xmas Discos     -  £145.16
  • Wreaths (Share) - £211.37

So far this school year, we have already raised £909.74! (This includes the last Bag2School, which has not yet been banked)

Outstanding Bids: None.

New Bids: An 'emergency' bid for £16 for 16 elf hats for the KS2 Christmas concert has already been put through, as they were needed urgently! This has now been officially approved by the Committee.

Fundraising for Last Term:
  • Xmas Discos: had lots of people to help. The move to the Year 6 classroom went well, although tables need to be put back after use, please.
  • Bag2School: A letter has been received informing us that the price paid per kilo of clothes has gone down by up to 25%, which means we are now only getting 40p per kilo. However, the collection in December raised £96, which is still a very good amount. Thanks to everyone who brought bags in.
  • Xmas Raffle: Raised £230.48. We actually ran out of tickets this year (350 were ordered), which left some people disappointed. We will order more next year. The quality of the prizes helped greatly towards sales. Thanks to everybody who sold tickets either at the concerts or on the playground. Karen W. has not yet sent thank-you letters to the companies (eg Co-Op) who donated prizes, but will do so shortly. Some people expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that members of staff won several of the prizes (including the top two). These people were invited to come along to this meeting, so this could be discussed openly, however this did not happen. As a committee, we were in total agreement that this is a raffle run by the Parent/Teacher Association; tickets are drawn completely randomly, and everybody is entitled to buy as many tickets as they wish. In fact, without staff members from every area in the school buying tickets, we would not make half as much money as we do! The Friends' Constitution will be updated to ensure that this is made clear.

Fundraising for the Coming Term:
  • Valentine's Discos:
    • KS1 – Wednesday, 11th February
    • KS2 – Thursday, 12th February
    • Volunteers for KS1: Donna, Emma, Yvonne, Michelle C, Susan, Julie                      
    • Volunteers  for KS2: ?Julie, Vicky, Susan, ?Marie, ?Sarah.
    • Michelle C. offered to cut out some red hearts and put them up in the hall for decoration. Susan also to look in the Pound Shop for some, and to buy the food.
  • Easter Tombola: Non-uniform Day for bringing eggs in: Friday, 20th March. Eggs to be stored in each classroom until the morning of the Tombola when they will be ticketed. Tombola to be held on Wednesday, 1st April at 20p per ticket.
  • Volunteers for ticketing eggs: Julie, Michelle C, ?Donna, Yvonne.
  • Susan Marwood has offered to sell the tickets in the afternoon, probably in the Performing Arts room.
  • Bag2School: Bag drop on Monday 23rd March; Collection on Thursday, 23rd April, which gives plenty of time over the Easter break for 'spring-cleaning' wardrobes!
  • New Fundraisers: Ideas included selling Christmas cards drawn by the children and printed or a calendar. Julie and Karen to look into costs for this. Also, as we still have all the Bingo equipment from when we used to hold monthly sessions, perhaps we could have a Bingo night, with an early start so that children could attend. Michelle C and Susan offered to look at prizes. This is to be discussed at the next meeting, as a lot of prizes are needed, and it may not be financially viable.

Any Other Business:
  • As the bank balance is currently healthy, it was agreed to offer £350 each for the three residentials, for Years 4, 5  & 6, with more to be given if money is available at the end of the year. £6.00 per child is also to be given to offset the cost of trips.
  • It was agreed to set up a FHW Facebook page, so that meetings and events could be advertised, in the hope of attracting more people. We ran out of time, so decisions on future events will be on the agenda at the next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting: Friday, 27th March at 2.00pm.

Meeting closed at 3.10pm. Thanks to those who attended.

Christmas Cheer!

Lisa and the team in the school kitchen prepared and served a sensational Christmas lunch.  They work hard to serve terrific meals every day of the week, but Christmas dinner was extraordinary.  Great work ladies, it is much appreciated!

Sing For Your Heart!

Another extraordinary performance by the choir as they sang to raise funds for Heart Research UK at Leeds City Station. It was not all hard work though because they ended the evening with a meal at McDonalds and a trip to the pantomime at the City Varieties.  What a night!

Moon Rocks and Fossils

Children in Year 4 were fascinated by the rock samples that were brought into school by Dr Sohan Jheeta. Dr Jheeta is a good friend to our school and challenges the children to think about space and the Universe.