Hawksworth Wood Primary School

Diversity Forum Minutes: 4th June 2014

• Lunchtime Reading Club: new books and dictionaries
• Assembly dates and ideas

Members present
Y6: Bolton, Benedicte, Kiana, Lucy, Kristine, Elena, Britney
Y5: Sophie, Faith, Jenson, Leah

Lunchtime Reading Club
Tuesday lunchtime once a month.
Feedback from readers was that the new books were inspirational
The next Club meeting will be tomorrow at 12.45 in Y6 classroom

Assembly dates and ideas
• Enter hall with flags representing countries in our school
• Have a conversation in another language with someone who doesn’t speak it. This will then be translated
• Celebrations discussed: gatherings in Caribbean and Ghana incorporating dance. Latvian celebrations
• Diversity group to re-write ‘I have a dream’

Any Other Business
• The Action Plan has been updated
• Kiana had an idea for next Cultural Week for children to dress up as famous black/Asian figures to celebrate their life

Economic Well Being Week

All this yummy popcorn was prepared by the children in Year 2 for the Economic Well Being Marketplace.  They made enough for everybody and there was none left at the end!

Economic Well Being Week

This colourful display was prepared by the children in Year 3 for the Economic Well Being Marketplace.  They made and sold stunning bookmarks with a World Cup theme which proved very popular!

Economic Well Being Week

The children in Year 6 used their £10 to cash in on the latest trend of loom bands, selling bracelets and rings. They were definitely one of the most popular stalls in the Marketpace and turned their £10 into over £50!

Economic Well Being Week

All the classes were given £10 to set up their project in the Economic Well Being Marketplace. The children in Year 1 set up a stationary stall and sold pencils, erasers and lots of other fun stuff!