Hawksworth Wood Primary School

Christmas Cheer!

Lisa and the team in the school kitchen prepared and served a sensational Christmas lunch.  They work hard to serve terrific meals every day of the week, but Christmas dinner was extraordinary.  Great work ladies, it is much appreciated!

Sing For Your Heart!

Another extraordinary performance by the choir as they sang to raise funds for Heart Research UK at Leeds City Station. It was not all hard work though because they ended the evening with a meal at McDonalds and a trip to the pantomime at the City Varieties.  What a night!

Moon Rocks and Fossils

Children in Year 4 were fascinated by the rock samples that were brought into school by Dr Sohan Jheeta. Dr Jheeta is a good friend to our school and challenges the children to think about space and the Universe.

Moon Rocks

We were delighted to welcome back our very own space scientist, Dr Sohan Jheeta.  Dr Jheeta talked to all the classes in school and showed them some very special specimens!  The children were able to see and examine rocks that came all the way from the moon!

Autumn Workshop

Reception class hosted an autumn workshop for children who will be starting school next September. It was a great opportunity for children and their parents to see the reception class in action and learn about how the class functions on a day to day basis.