Hawksworth Wood Primary School

Anyone for Tea?

Reception class children visited Abbey House Museum to look at toys through the ages. This little group decided to set up and enjoy a tea party.

Friends Meeting: Friday 7th November 2014

Minutes of the meeting held on Friday, 7th November 2014 at 2.00pm.

Present: Donna Mohammed; Emma Smith; Karen Weston; Susan Marwood; Gail Clinch; Michelle Glover; Hayley Williams; Marie Gregson; Sarah Hall.

Apologies: Michelle Crooke; Iana Moshin; Vicky Kilbride.

Minutes of the Last Meeting
Accepted as a true record.

£2121.95 owed to the school from last year has now been paid.
£230.00 has been given for class Christmas presents.

This leaves £1480.95 In bank
+£    50.00 petty cash
  £ 231.00 for Harvest hampers

New Bids

Old Bids
The football training kit ordered by Gail Clinch has come, but has not been used yet. KS1 has also expressed an interest in using it, so it has been agreed for both Key Stages to share it for the time being. If it is suitable for KS1, they will perhaps put in another bid for one of their own.

Fund Raising for the Coming Term

  • Bag2School - Karen to send a letter out next week to go with the bags.
  • Xmas discos - Offers of help for setting up on both days have already been decided at the AGM. Karen to ask Julie Parr if she has bought any lights yet. Susan to look in the Pound shop for decorations after looking in the Friends' cupboard. Hayley thought she might have some suitable and offered to help decorate the hall. Sarah offered to look for suitable items in the sales in January, ready for next year. Emma suggested Argos, who have half price lights in the run up to Christmas.Christmas Raffle: Prizes – Michelle has found a CD micro System for £29 and a portable DVD player £45 from Asda. Donna found a 'Polatab' 10” tablet from Amazon for £69. It was agreed to have all three items as prizes in the hope of selling more tickets. Everyone to look once more for the cheapest offers, and let Karen know within a week, as time is getting short to order the raffle tickets before they need to be sold!
    • Karen W to put a notice up in the Staff room asking for donations to the usual staff hamper and to ask Nicola O'Brien to take letters round the local shops. Also to give some to Emma to give out to other companies.Donna may be able to get vouchers from M&S. Michelle Crooke has very kindly offered to give a £20 meal voucher from her pub, Wetherspoons, in town.
    • Since the meeting, it has been decided to order the above items from ToysRUs for a total of £119, which gives us free postage, and a £15 voucher, which can be used for another prize. Karen Noon to order through school for VAT purposes. 
    • Tickets: Karen to ask Karen Noon to order the tickets once the prizes have been finalised, and the date of the draw checked with Mrs Padden.
    • Draw date: Friday, 19th December in Family Assembly.
    • Ticket selling: Karen W to send a letter out at beginning of December, and to sell tickets from 4P as usual. Emma, Marie, Sarah & Donna offered to sell tickets before the concerts and maybe in the playground. Karen W to give them some once they have been printed.

New Fundraising Ideas

  • A Talent show (Hawksworth's Got Talent?) was a popular idea! This could be for anybody, not just the children, with a small charge to enter, and main funds from tickets. A cafe could be run in the interval. Auditions would need to be held to ensure 'suitability' of the acts. Maybe a panel could judge, or the audience. Tickets could be printed by school, and perhaps a small prize for the winner in each age group and/or a certificate for taking part. This idea will be discussed again at the next meeting, and perhaps done in May.
  • A Table-top sale could possibly be done in Spring term, perhaps on a Saturday, in the hall. A letter could go out to see if there would be enough interest in 'buying' a table.

Any Other Business
Kirkstall Festival organisers would like to see more input from HWPS, so perhaps a bric-a-brac stall with items left from the Summer Fair the previous week, would be a good idea. This would raise the Friends' profile and may encourage people to join.

Date of Next Meeting: Friday, 16th January at 2.00pm.

Thanks to everybody who attended, and to Mrs Padden for allowing staff members to!

The War Years Experience

The children in Year 5 prepared this stunning display as part of a commemorative exhibition at the Village Hall.  They composed their own letters from the front using the language of the time when World War 1 soldiers wrote home to loved ones.

Library Club

Looks like the Library Club members are thoroughly enjoying their latest read!  With such a well stocked library, the school is able to offer an extensive range of books to choose from with something for everyone.

Hallowe'en Lunch

Our fabulous team in the school kitchen never fail to make lunchtime fun for the children.  This is not their usual dress for serving, but a special surprise for the children during the Hallowe'en lunch.