Hawksworth Wood Primary School

Board Games

One of our most popular after school clubs for Years 3 and 4 is Board Games. It may be competitive but it is still lots of fun.

Hawksworth Woods

How fortunate are we to have such a wonderful resource round the corner from our school?  Hawksworth Woods are an area of natural beauty with hundreds of trees and a babbling stream.  Even in the autumn when the trees are bare, it is a compelling sight.

A Walk on the Wild Side

A special treat for the children in Year 1 when they went for an autumn walk in Hawksworth Woods.  John Dunster, the Parks and Countryside Ranger, led the walk and taught the children about everything they might find in the woods. As you can see from the picture, they had a wonderful time searching the undergrowth for minibeasts, seeds and berries.    

Meet the Animals

The children in Year 4 were thrilled to meet Milligan, the Egyptian Pygmy hedgehog.  He was just one of the creatures who visited school with Sam Safaris to help the children learn about mammals, reptiles, insects and amphibians.

Holiday, the greater hairy armadillo, came along to talk about his life in the rainforest. (He didn't really talk!)

Snakes Alive!

Even the teachers couldn't resist a cuddle when Sam Safaris brought their animals to school!