Hawksworth Wood Primary School

Race Equality Policy

The Diversity Forum discussed the Race Equality Policy at their recent meeting.  The policy was reviewed by the School Council two years ago and they added many important elements.  This group were keen to see how it could be improved further to ensure racial harmony across the school..


Superheroes in both fiction and real life were part of Year 2's new curriculum.  They not only created their own stories about superheroes but they learnt about people who help us such as fire fighters and paramedics. They even had a visit from Florence Nightingale who helped soldiers during the Crimean War.

Sock It To 'Em!

These stunning sock puppets were designed and made by the children in Year 1.  The project was part of their Design Technology curriculum to develop skills such as cutting, sticking and sewing.

Gym Club

Members of the Gymnastics Club were some of the first pupils to try out our range of new equipment.

Painting with Watercolour

The children in Year 6 used their experiences of the beautiful scenery surrounding Robin Wood to create these amazing watercolour paintings.  They practised mixing colours beforehand as they were not allowed to use green paint in the final picture.