Hawksworth Wood Primary School


Learning all about journeys has linked beautifully to how people travel from one place to another and how this travel is powered.  Research into how some boats use the power of the wind was a great topic for investigation in science.


The first exciting topic in the delivery of our new curriculum in Year 2 is Explorers!  From Captain Cook to Neil Armstrong, the children have been enjoying learning about journeys across our planet and beyond!

Tropical World

The children in Year 4 visited Tropical World to support their geography topic on South American rainforests.  They came face to face with lots of different animals including these charming turtles and slightly more scary crocodiles.

Friends Meeting: 15th September 2014

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, 15th September 2014 at 3.30pm.

Present: Karen Weston (Chair); Andrea Padden; Susan Marwood; Michelle Glover; Donna Mohammed; Julie Parr; Sarah Plumb; Yvonne Wilson.

Apologies: Michelle Crooke; Jean Lenehan; Kat Archibald.

Thanks to everyone for coming, especially Donna Mohammed, who also helped at the Summer Fair.

Money in bank £3832.90. However, a cheque of £2121.95 paid out by the school was returned due to a mistake, so hasn't yet gone through. As the year end has now passed, it will show up on next year's financial accounts, even though it will be debited soon. Once this has come out, there will be a total of £1710.85 in the bank + £50 petty cash.

Outstanding Bids
Nothing to report.

New Bids
A bid was put in by Gail Clinch just after the last meeting for a football training pack for £92.50. This was approved by Friends unanimously. It has previously been unavailable, but will hopefully now be back  in stock.

Fundraisers for last term
  • Discos - there were plenty of people to help this time. Thanks to all concerned. The discos banked £122.74.
  • Line Dancing - £18.50 taken, £9.34 spent. So although not much was raised, everybody agreed that it had been a very successful event in terms of enjoyment!
  • Bag2School – raised £120. 2 more have been booked for this school year.
  • Summer Fair – took £1171.57, spent £293.17. Total raised £878.40, a tremendous amount!
  • Ink Cartridges – a cheque for £111 was received from 'Empties Please', the company which collects used ink cartridges. This has been so successful, KW will send out information again in the next Friends' letter, to keep up the profile.
Fund Raising/Suggestions for the coming term
  • Harvest Hampers – letter asking for donations to go out in the next couple of weeks. 8 potential hampers, which can be combined if not enough donations are received. However, they don't all have to be the same size, and goods can be shared out between them. Donna can get boxes. Friends/Share group will make them look nice before the raffle draw. KW to send out the tickets on request, and these will also be sold in the playgrounds before and after school, and at the Parents' Consultation evening on 14th October, prior to the draw at Family Assembly. Donna offered to design some posters to advertise the hampers. Flyers to go out nearer the time.
  • Discos – now that the old music room has become a Reception classroom, there is nowhere for the Friends to get the food ready for the discos, or for the children to eat.  It was agreed that the Year 6 classroom would be the best alternative to set up the equipment. The Year 6 class would do their last hour's lessons on a disco day, in the Science Base. Andrea to ask Karen Noon where the electric hob used to heat the hotdogs, has been moved to. Food can be stored in the Baking room.
  • Table Top sale – suggestions about a table top sale were mooted last term. No dates have been decided for this term. It was agreed to ask around, and see if people would be interested, and to charge maybe £8 per table. This will be followed up at the next meeting.
Diary Dates
  • Harvest hamper raffle draw – Friday, 17th October 10.30am
  • Bag2School - Bag drop off – Monday, 17th November; collection date – Wednesday, 10th December.
  • Autumn Term Discos - Wednesday, 10th December – KS2 and Thursday, 11th December – KS1
Any Other Business
  • The next meeting will be the AGM. Andrea suggested that it should be held at 2.30pm on the day of the raffle, instead of after school, and to serve refreshments, to see if more people would come along. It would be run as a normal meeting (plus election of officers etc), but would be more informal. Flyers to remind people about the raffle and the AGM would be available at the Parents' Consultations earlier in the same week. 
  • Current Friends are to ask people they know if they would like to come to meetings, what time/day they would prefer etc.
  • Thanks extended to Lauren Petch for providing childcare this afternoon.
Date of Next Meeting (A.G.M.) - Friday, 17th October at 2.30pm.

School Forum Minutes: 4th July 2014

Present: Andrea Padden, Pat Spedding, Emi Banciu, Gail Clinch, Valerie McHale, Susan Childs, Irena Riley, PCSO Lynn Holdsworth, Penny Davinaoff, Louise Mann, Julie Parr, Malachi, Morgan, Britney, Jacqueline, Kiana and Bolton

Apologies: Mrs Roberts,  Rev Jude Smith

Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed

Matters Arising

School Update

School Council Update
Our Playground Lookout Project earned us a certificate for the Speaker’s School Council Award.  We are now focusing on the friendship stop and the playground equipment.  It is early days yet but there has been an improvement in the children’s attitude towards the use of the friendship stop and the way the playtime equipment is treated.

The school council has been very involved with welcoming teachers from other schools for the Investors In Pupils training hosted earlier this term.  The children took part in sharing their knowledge and talking about the school council and all aspects of the school that promote pupil participation.  As this is our final School Forum meeting we would just like to say how much we have enjoyed attending and we hope that next year’s school council will enjoy it as much as we have.

Diversity Forum
Kiana and Bolton reported the Diversity Forum have now received the books order in a range of different languages.  Children throughout the school with English as a second language are invited to a lunchtime group where they can read these new books with the support of a Diversity Forum member.

Community Update

Valerie McHale and Susan Childs told the School Forum that HOPS had a lovely week’s holiday in Eastbourne with their members.  HOPS have started up 3 new groups; a fun walking group, a fun singing group and a men’s group.  Valerie said they don’t have a lot of men coming to HOPS and it is hoped a men’s only group will encourage more men to join. Susan said Trinity College has been in touch and they are hoping to do a project filming some of the HOPS members talking about their stories and memories to use as an archive for the community. Susan is hoping school can get involved in the project.

St Mary’s Church
Louise Mann and Emi Banciu reported on the High School Hero’s transition group for year 6 has started again and is going well.  Emi has been piloting an after school club called lift.  Next year Emi is hoping to have a full time after school club up and running, where children can listen to Bible stories and play games. Both Louise and Emi thanked the school for their support this year.

We had no representative from YMCA

PCSO Lynn Holdsworth reported that burglaries on the Hawksworth Wood estate are down.  There has, however been a problem with mini motor bikes and graffiti.  Some of the children at the meeting said they had seen the graffiti around the estate and it was not saying nice things about people.  PCSO Lynn said if anyone had any information they could tell a teacher in confidence.  We all want to live in a safe and pleasant community and environment.  Mrs Padden asked about the dog fouling on the pavements and who was responsible for enforcing the law.  PCSO Lynn reported that at the moment funding for maintaining the dog fouling bins have been cut and at present there is no one employed to empty the bins, however PCSO Lynn did agree that allowing your dog to foul the pavements where children often play is irresponsible of the dog owner.

West North West Homes
Penny Davinoff said not only is looking after the council houses on Hawksworth Wood estate part of her job but she also works closely with the police to improve the environment and making sure the gardens of the council properties are well maintained and the streets are clean and tidy.  Penny reported that West North West Homes was changing its name to Leeds Council and that there were many changes come in the next year or so.

Extended Services
Pat Spedding started off by giving information about the activities planned for the summer and gave Mrs Clinch a flyer to be given out to the children in school with information about all the activities available.

Children Centre
Irena Riley reported on a recent table top sale they held at the Children’s Centre to raise money for a large sand pit in the play area which needs filling.  The Children Centre is planning on have family activities during the summer holidays.

Community Centre
We had apologies from Mrs Roberts.

School News

Our Summer Fair was held on the Saturday 28th June and although it rained which meant cancelling the gymnastic display to be performed outside, we did manage to raise £800.  We are hoping that the children can perform the display during our sports day.

We passed our Healthy Schools audit and held our first training day for Investors In Pupils.   25 teachers from across Yorkshire attended the training and were all impressed with our children who demonstrated their knowledge of how the school is structured and how they contribute to its successful running.  Thanks go to the children and Mrs Plumb who has been heavily involved in both the Healthy Schools audit and organising the Investors In Pupils training.

We have our Classopoly day out on Monday 14th July for the winners of our attendance game and our levers assembly will be on Wednesday 16th July.

Pat Spedding sent best wishes to all our year 6 children who will be leaving us to go to high school in September.

Date of the next meeting Friday 5th December 2014 at 2.00pm